Do you have a JOB mentality?


If we want to thrive in a fast changing world, we have to be sure we have the right mentality. Unfortunately it is very easy to keep our same old habits, without even really thinking about what we are doing. Let me start by saying that it is 100% ok to work at a job. Having a job in a corporation does not necessarily means that you are trapped in the rat race. And I don't think that anyone should try to be an entrepreneur at any cost. Nowaday it is too comon to hear leaders say that it sucks to have a job. And if you are unprepared, the entrepreneurship dream can turn into a nightmare. That said, there is definitly something wrong about that "Job mentality". So what is a job mentality and how can it damage your carrier and dreams?

The job mentality starts when you think your job belongs to you, and that it is just your right to keep it, day after day. Soon you become complacent. You start to overestimate your achievements and underestimate your wrong doings. It also means that you do what you are asked to do, and what you are paid for. JOB can also stand for Just Over Broke !
Many people don't understand why they are not promoted, when they know they do a good job. It is because you are supposed to do more that what you are paid for! This is the way it really works. If you find it hard to do so, may be you haven't found the work that suits you, yet. You see, that is why it is so important to love what you do. With passion, it becomes easy to do more, because you WANT to do more. If you try to do more just because you are motivated by the reward it could give you, without having a sincere desire to contribute more, you will be disapointed. As the great Jim Rohn would say, what really counts is not just the discipline, it is the DESIRE for the discipline. So it is, with the "DO MORE" mentality.
Don't get me wrong, I am also aware that some people do a terrific work at their job and do not get the financial, or emotional rewards they deserve (by the way if it is true for you, you should definitly consider finding another job, or becoming an entrepreneur if you believe this is right for you).
So what is the opposite of a job mentality? We can give it many different names. It is the achieving mentality, the entrepreneurship mentality. It means that you don't estimate your productivity based on what you do. You also consider the impact. You are results oriented. When you work at a job, as long as you keep it, you are getting paid. When you are an entrepreneur you could workd 10 hours a day, and find yourself with 0 dollar at the bank at the end of the month. So being results oriented is a MUST. And of course it is never just about the money. The thing is that when you are an entrepreneur, if you want to keep serving the world, you HAVE to make money so that you can continue to serve.

However as I said before, you don't have to quit your job to implement this new mentality. More and more companies ask there employees to adopt the mentality of an entrepreneur. It implies also that you feel more responsible and you are quick to propose solutions to fix problems.
The world is changing faster than ever. Many leaders say that artificial intelligence will cut more and more jobs in the economy, in the upcoming years. Maybe you are not ready to become an entrepreneur (or you don't want to). However you should definitly start thinking about how you can magnify your job. And believe me, you can. There is always a way to do better, achieve more, and impact more people. The good news is that deep inside of us we all want to be more. The desire for expansion is within our deep nature. So let us be more of who we truly are, and have a greater impact on the world !

About the author of this post : My name is Frederic. I am a peak performance coach and succes strategist. I live in Guadeloupe (a beautiful french island in the Carribean).  I wrote several books about personal development and the entrepreneurship mentality - Your winning Passion - The Greatest Coach in the World - Your Invincible Motivation - Positive thinking at its best (not translated in english yet). Please share your views and ideas in the comments section and don't forget to tell me when you are from!

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