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5 things people still don't understand about Tony Robbins Work!


Yesterday was Tony Robbins 60th birthday. Just the fact that he was born February the 29th is a sign that the guy is special (this day only exists every four years). For his anniversary he raised almost 20 millions dollars (And he gave 5 millions from his own money)  to help children who are victims from sex slavery. Tony's comitment is to help people from all over the world live an extraordinary life. In fact his true obsession is to end suffering. It might look like some marketing trick from him to say so, but the guy is sincere. Almost every soul in the personal development field has been touched by his work. It is obvious in France as most personal development leaders, will some times use the exact same words they heard from Tony.

Here is the catch. As I see and hear many people refering to his work it appears that there are some important points about his work that people still don't understand.

1-Massive Action
Action is often what makes the diffrence between the authentic leader and the one who will just have a nice talk. Everyone can speak words. Not everyone is capable of doing the work consistantly for years. So this concept of massive action kind of hypnotize people into thinking that working harder will solve any problem. But that is not what Tony says. Before the action part, he insists that we must build a strong psychology. Otherwise the action will be useless. Getting in a peak state is the key to effective action. He also speaks a lot about strategy. You have to find the right strategy to achieve what you want. When you have  a clear inspiring goal the right   strategy and an empovering state, then you're ready to take massive action. As Tony says succes is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics (action). So understand that it is not only about action! Psychology is even more important in the process.

2-He doesn't do it for the money.
From time to time I will hear that from people talking about succesfull leaders. "Oh I would do it too, if I was paid that kind of money". Understand that a 40 years comitment to perform at the highest level and helping millions of people around the world cannot possibly happen through a passion for money. This is nonsense. No body never realy do anything for money anyway. They will do it in certain cases for what the money give them, but they will never do it fot the money (well this can happen but it is very rare). It is the sign of a poor mentality to think that other people get rich because they are fascinated by money. So also if you think that getting rich will solve all your problems perish the thought!

3-Tony is not a motivator.
Tony's work is not about getting people to be motivated. He is a real specialist of change. His passion and enthousiasm are great bonuses but it is not what make him a great coach. Tony is a genious at identifying where his client is at and what to do to give him or her a new perspective. From what I see now, Tony has even gone much further. He coaches with his soul. It might be hard to understand but when you really commit to a work you can achieve a unique level of competence. Call it genius, or grace but it does exist. So when Tony coach some one live it can look pretty simple on the surface but it is the result of many years of comitment and work. It looks easy, but it is not.

4-Tony is not your guru.
Many people expect someone to tell them what to do. They think that if they find the right person, they will just have to do exactly what they say. Tony will help people achieve what THEY WANT, not what he thinks they should want! You have to understand that ther is always a part of the work you have to do for yourself. If you don't, nobody will be able to help you.

5-Tony Was not born a genious and a leader.
He built himself! I like what he says in his book Unlimited Power. He says that we often fool ourself into thinking that the people who have what we want have something special that we don't have. When you think like that you block your own power. Tony built Tony RObbins and you can build yourself into whoever you want to be.

I hope it will help you take the best from Tony's Work and live the life you really want!

And has Tony says...

Live with Passion!


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