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Shall we really seek balance?


Fake wisdom is all around us. It is so easy to cling on a fashionable idea, so that we can look intelligent, and appear as "a good person". Well, reality is more complex than low value wisdom. Among these ideas there is the belief that balance is the ultimate goal in life. Than when you have it, somehow you have it all. Okay I don't believe life is about balance. Balance is boring. The whole universe started out of a Big Bang...talk about balance!
The leaders in our society are leaders because they dedicated their life to a single clear, inspiring goal! Even the greatest peace advocates were not that much about balance!

Do you think Martin Luther King life was about balance? He was a fighter, he had a dream, an obsession of equality of rights and he gave his life for it. What about Ghandi? He was all about discipline and dedication, to the point than even his wife had a hard time following him.

"There is no sense of balance for those bitten by their obsessions and doing something spectacular."

Grant Cardone

Balance is often an excuse to stay still, to not commit, to settle instead of defying the odds. Confort is a good friend of balance. Too much confort wheter internal or external tend to make us weak.  Our mind body and spirit need to be in expansion to be healthy. When you are passionate about something, you think about it constantly, you want to make it happen. It makes you feel alive.
Most people are so afraid of the world that as soon as they reach a confortable enough position, they stop growing. As humans with have extraordinary capacities, which were given to be used. Otherwise we will never really know who we are. At a certain point in our life we all hear this inner calling to grow, to achieve to contribute. It is the call of life itself. Life is exuberant.
Yes of course I understand that there is some value to the concept of balance. This concept is useful when it comes to taking care of ourself. You don't want to lead yourself to exhaustion. But it should not be the dominant force in our life. An inspiring project is not one you work on from 8:15 to 9:15 am. At some point it takes over you, it consumes you.
The Boudha said : Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.
Even him was praising total engagement.
You see, balance is a virtue when used to follow your heart and be true to yourself, to serve your commitment .But balance without a purpose becomes meaningless. The truth is that even if the word definitly has some intrinseque value, in today world it often means...Average! I don't kno for you, but for me Outstanding is much more appealing than average!

Have you fallen into the balance trap? Have you forget about your passion? The good news is that it is never too late to become who we were meant to be, and achieve what we are truly capable of.

To your success and hapiness!


I am a personnal developpement and peak performance coach, I live in the beautiful island of Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean

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