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Is your ladder leaning against the wrong wall?


You might be eager for success, but don't fall into the trap of acheiving more of what you don't want. It is temptating to believe that any succes is worth it! Many people go the wrong way about it, thinking that they must have succes first, and then...they will be happy, they will take the time, they will do what they want. However if you don't like what you're doing, it is likely to make things worst for you, not better.
Contrary to what most people think  (yes I know this idea is challenging) the way to do pleasant things is not, doing unpleasant things!

Suffering is not a sign that you are on the right track, it is a signal to warn you, that you went too far! In other words, the wrong road cannot lead you to the right destination.Succes without the fulfillment is worthless. The sooner you accept this idea, the faster you can be succesfull AND fulffiled. This idea that it is good to do what you don't want is embeded in our culture. It donest mean that ti is right. It is somehow a reminiscence of our childhood...when we would do what we didn't want to please our parents or other adults authorities in an attempt to keep their love (or just because we didn't have a choice). Network marketing (In theory Network marketing  is a great idea, In practice it is often a really bad idea) often use this strategy to manipulate people in doing what they don't want to do. You could hear seomthing like  :  "Oh yes it is not for everyone but you are special...Other people don't do it beacause they are weak, but you, you are so strong! You should do this thing you don't want to do, because in the end it will give you what you trully want"...But the end never comes.
You see the problem is that we humans, tend to live in an hypothetic world called tomorrow...and the culture still believe (well it starts to change now) that we should sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. I don't know for you, but I am really not willing to live my life like that. And no, to value today more than tomorrow does not mean that you must do dumb things today, get drunk and sell your house to spend more money on stupid things. We can live in the present without compromising our future. And when you take car of today, when tomorrow become today, you will still be able to take care of the day!
When you realise that at the soul level, there is only today, it can become impossible for you to be untrue to yourself. Many people when they start to be true to themself make radical changes. They change their job, they end a relationship, they live differently. But it really comes from the inside. They adjust their actions to their inner world. They are not trying to manipulate the oustide world to get some satisfaction. They don't act out of frustration, they act out of alignment! And it makes all the difference. That's why I am always really circumspect when I hear a personal development leader saying thinks like "I did this, so you should do this too" or "Do exactly what I am going to tell you". Their inner wolrd is not yours. What worked for them will not necessarely work for you. I am not saying that you should not be listening to programs that inspire you. Listen to them as much as it do you well. But any good personal development program should help you find your own true, like any good coach know that you are the one who will ultimately find the solution you need. You are unique, you are magnificent. Listen to yourself. You should not trust anyone more that you trust yourself. You are the true authority in your life!

To your success and happiness


I am a personnal developpement and peak performance coach, I live in the beautiful island of Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean.

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