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If you still don't like to sell, read this...


Are you one of these people saying that they don't like to sell? If you are an entrepreneur, an expert or a coach, you might as well be saying "Houston we have a problem". Why? Because nothing happens in business, before there is a sale.
No sale, no business. No nothing!
And if you did call Houston this is beacause you have one of these two issues : You think there is something wrong with selling, or you are afraid of rejection. Here is the good news. You can both change the way you see selling, and learn how to do it.
Yes! Selling is a learnable skill! First let's see what selling really is.

"Selling is something you do for someone, not to someone" says Personal developement expert and Wealth specialist Bob Proctor. That is so true! If you can just adopt this new belief it could change your whole selling game. Forget about the improductive thoughts like (I am too expensive, They will be upset, I don't want them to throw their money away). First thing first. Sell a product or service that you truly value! If you think you product is a piece of s......Don't sell it! Just don't! Find something else to sell. Even doing nothing would be better than trying to sell something you don't believe in. Well, even if you love your product you need to take some time to really think about the value it will bring into your client life. I am not talking about marketing here ; not yet. Yes it will be useful for your marketing but right now it is about you becoming aware of the value you can offer to the world through your products and services.

Remember also that quite often, you have much more to offer than you think. As an expert in your field you tend to forget some basic things your service provide to others. Let me give you an exemple. If you are a coach for exemple you are probably into high level strategies to help your client change their life. So when you present your offer you could become too technical too soon, without even being aware of it. And when you think about what you do, you could also forget that you allow your clients to speak outloud about what is important for them! Maybe they never did that for their entire life! Just the space you open for them, where they can express themself, without being judged can be of tremendous value for them. So think deeply about what you offer and don't forget about the basic things. More often than you would guess you client will be attracted to the basic things you offer. They might not be able to make all the distinctions about why your product or service is really great. Remember, you are an expert and they are not.

For what concerns the rejection issue, really often it is about common sense. you would not approach a person you are attractec to and start by saying "Oh I like you very much. Let's spend the week-end together!". Yes, you would be right to fear rejection because you would experience it every single time! Be mindfull about your prospects time and interest. And remember that selling is a really progressive process. What do they need? Do they have time to listen to you right now? What is of their best interest? Make it confortable for them.Take time to listen to them, and then tell them how you can help. If you do a good job, they will end asking you "How can I work with you?" In any case when you have done your job properly you should always make an offer. Making an offer is respecting them. It means you believe they are adults and that they can take important decisions and do what is good for them. Not making an offer because you think you are too expensive is the worst thing you could do. 

You should want your client to do business with you for their own good. Define high standards for yourself so that when you work with anyone, you know they are in good hands. Also they will spend the money anyway. Their car will have a problem, or they will be tricked into buying a product that don't bring value to their life, and the money will be gone, wether they work with you or not.

Don't believe that a sale just happens because the prospect needs you product or service. Sales don't just happen, you have to create them. You can build a step by step process to do so.

Change your thought about selling, and you will sell more. It will be good for you, and good for the people you serve!

To your success and happiness!


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