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5 things people still don't understand about Tony Robbins Work!


Yesterday was Tony Robbins 60th birthday. Just the fact that he was born February the 29th is a sign that the guy is special (this day only exists every four years). For his anniversary he raised almost 20 millions dollars (And he gave 5 millions from his own money)  to help children who are victims from sex slavery. Tony's comitment is to help people from all over the world live an extraordinary life. In fact his true obsession is to end suffering. It might look like some marketing trick from him to say so, but the guy is sincere. Almost every soul in the personal development field has been touched by his work. It is obvious in France as most personal development leaders, will some times use the exact same words they heard from Tony.

Why you need coaching


Most people evaluation on wether they need coaching or not is wrong, because they are not looking for the right signals. They assume that coaching is for weak people, the ones who "just can't handle it". The truth is that quite often, people hire coaches to work on what they are already good or great at! Would a surgeon benefit from coaching? Absolutly (by the way this is what Atul Gawande, a reknown surgeon, thinks) ! In sports it is obvious that you need a coach to work on what you are already good at! I don't have a coach to  better my tennis skill..because I don't play tennis! Rafael Nadal has one. Roger Federer too!

Shall we really seek balance?


Fake wisdom is all around us. It is so easy to cling on a fashionable idea, so that we can look intelligent, and appear as "a good person". Well, reality is more complex than low value wisdom. Among these ideas there is the belief that balance is the ultimate goal in life. Than when you have it, somehow you have it all. Okay I don't believe life is about balance. Balance is boring. The whole universe started out of a Big Bang...talk about balance!
The leaders in our society are leaders because they dedicated their life to a single clear, inspiring goal! Even the greatest peace advocates were not that much about balance!

Is your ladder leaning against the wrong wall?


You might be eager for success, but don't fall into the trap of acheiving more of what you don't want. It is temptating to believe that any succes is worth it! Many people go the wrong way about it, thinking that they must have succes first, and then...they will be happy, they will take the time, they will do what they want. However if you don't like what you're doing, it is likely to make things worst for you, not better.
Contrary to what most people think  (yes I know this idea is challenging) the way to do pleasant things is not, doing unpleasant things!

Sugar, Porn, Destructive Behaviors : How to Kill the Addiction!


They rob your energy, passion for life and self-esteem, yet they are everywhere. Destructive substances, kill more dreams that anything else and they can open a gate to seemingly endless suffering.
Let's see why so many people struggle with addiction, why it is so hard to overcome, and what they can finally make it.
Sometimes addiction is described as a way to satisfy an emotional or spiritual need by something physical. It's like feeling a void inside and trying to fill it up with things. It will never work. No matter how much sugar you eat, it will never heal an emotional wound. No matter how much ...

If you still don't like to sell, read this...


Are you one of these people saying that they don't like to sell? If you are an entrepreneur, an expert or a coach, you might as well be saying "Houston we have a problem". Why? Because nothing happens in business, before there is a sale.
No sale, no business. No nothing!
And if you did call Houston this is beacause you have one of these two issues : You think there is something wrong with selling, or you are afraid of rejection. Here is the good news. You can both change the way you see selling, and learn how to do it.
Yes! Selling is a learnable skill! First let's see what selling really is.

Living the Extraordinary Life!


We all live extraordinary moments from time to time. Even if you are going through really bad times you can remember a moment in time when things were great for you. However, living the extraordinary life is different. It means than you set your life to live extraordinary moments CONSTANTLY, not just from time to time. And believe me it is not as hard as it seems. If you have been wondering how to  live a better life this article is definitely for you.

Good question! What does it mean for you? Don't fall into the trap of believing that living an extraordinary life means that you...

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