Get into the Vortex! How Esther Hicks is changing the world one step at a time


Something huge is happening in the world and you might even not been aware of it! Our paradigm is changing! It means that our collective consciousness is now integrating a different view of the world. You see, today Quantum Physics is confirming what ancient wisdom has been saying for thousands of years : We create our reality. This knowledge has always been accesible but now,  as more and more people are living it, it becomes easier for everyone to do so. "Yeah I know, this law of attraction thing again...come on, tell me something new" you might say. That's the trick. The worst thing that can happen to us is when we have the knowledge but not the insight.

What I mean is that sometimes (well, quite often) we think we know, when really, we just have it at an intellectual level,and the knowledge is not active within us. Then we could reject it. However you are right, this "law of attraction thing" definitely needs some updates. So let me see if I can give you some . That's when Esther Hicks becomes so important, through the teaching of Abraham (not the biblical one) . And you'd better listen to what she says because it could really change your life. So here are some powerful concepts tought by Esther Hicks and Abraham :

1-Words don't teach
Interesting isn't it? Real teaching happens when we can connect the dots inside, find new insights and give more meaning and understanding to our own experience. Words are powerful when they help us do that. However it is not about listening to someone else, while refusing to hear what is inside of you.

2-We can really be, do, have whatever we want
We create our reality with our thoughts, not with our actions. As there are no limit to our thoughts, there are no limit to what is possible for us. I know that this one is very controversial so let me elaborate. Imagine that your friend come to see you and say to you "Hey my friend I have a very important job interview, and I want to know what shoes do you think I should wear". You would be very surprised wouldn't you? And you could answer "Well it's not about the shoes ". And 2 weeks later you could see your friend again and he would say "Oh I listened to your advice. I went to my job interview without wearing any shoe at all, and I didn't get the job!". Do you see where I am going here? Action IS DEFINITELY IMPORTANT, however our STATE OF MIND AND BELIEFS are what are going to make all the difference! As Esther would say "Get into the Vortex, then take action". So what is the vortex?

3-Get into the Vortex then...
The Vortex is an invisible place, yet a real one, where everything you have always wanted already exist. When you play a video game, all scenarios are already programmed into the computer. You "just" have to access them. Same thing in this world. Every action, every result is already programed in our reality. The Vortex however is also a state of mind. "Get into the Vortex" means "Get into the Flow". It reminds also about Saint Augustine quote "Love and do what you like". In other words, get into an inspiring state, then take action. If you try to force your way to succes by efforting, from a lousy state, it won't get you anywhere. So how do we get into the Vortex? How do we change our state of mind?

4- Change your focus, change your state
Focus is one powerful way to change the way we feel. And yes we can control our focus! Most people believe that the fastest way to do so is through affirmations, however when we repeat something we don't believe, we can activate polar opposite feeling instead of the ones we want to feel. You can avoid this problem by asking yourself questions. Here is an exemple : Wouldn't it be great if.....?
Wouldn't it be great if I had this new exciting job?
Wouldn't it be great if I could operate every day with 100% self confidence.
You see? Questions influence your focus. Great questions will help you get into a great state.

There is much, much more...about Esther Hicks and Abraham teaching. And it goes far beyond what we usually call "Personal development". Maybe I will tell more abourt this in another blogspot.

For now, Get into the vortex, and do as you like!

Oh and please, don't do dumb things in the name of "infinite possibilities". If you jump from a roof you won't fly ! Always take care about yourself! Quitting your job overnight, without any plan or inspiration might not be the best thing to do either (more on this topic soon).

To your hapiness and success,


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